Rocking Your Biz – Websites Which Convert

Websites Which Convert is part seven in the eight part series of Rocking Your Biz 2013.  If you missed part one – 6 Month Biz Plan, part two, Who Do You Want to Work With, part three – How Are You Bringing In The Money?, part four – Setting Up Your Online Platforms, part five – Hooking Your Market or part six – Facebook Lead Generation – click on the links to catch up.

I’m sure you have noticed after reading the previous six parts that all these elements are integrated and work together – and creating a website which converts is really no different.  I can tell you now that your website isn’t going to work if you don’t know;

exactly and very specifically who you want to work with + exactly and very specifically how you are going to bring in the money – i.e. what is your step by step sales process

These two elements are critical to your website success.

Your website serves two major purposes; one for brand new people and another for people who know you or are your current clients.  Remember in How Are You Bringing In The Money we talk about the SeeMe + BelieveMe = PayMe Formula – well your website works in all three areas.  I know some of my blog posts can be a little long so in the interest of saving time I’m just going to focus on the SeeMe + BelieveMe elements for brand new people to your website.

You know that people don’t buy from people the first time they see them – they want to buy from people they know, like and trust – therefore when they land on your website – that’s exactly what they are trying to do; find out more about you, what you do, how you can help them and if they like and trust you.

Therefore within a few seconds (not sure of the exact stats on this) your website MUST communicate to your ideal client that they are in the ‘right’ place and you can help them.  They must feel comfortable, safe and that they want to know more.

When they want to know more – enter your Hook.  Your hook is the perfect opportunity for them to find out more about your – how you work, what you are like and if the two of you are a good fit.  In order for you to continue the relationship with them – you must ask them for their email address – in exchange for your valuable, exciting and ‘lusted after’ hook.

So here are some tips to get your website converting for you;

  • Ensure your branding is enticing to your ideal clients – this includes colour, logo, layout, font size, language, tone, style, etc.

  • Ensure that you are guiding your readers to move through your sales process of SeeMe + BelieveMe = PayMe

  • Have a very specific and clear call to action on each page

  • Have your hook and email opt-in form on each and every page

  • Make your hook valuable, exciting and ‘lusted after’

These are just some points to get your started on your website converting journey – there is lots more to consider which I’m happy to discuss with you in your free 15 minute, no obligation, chat.  It’s all part of my new launch of private coaching packages.  You can find all the details you need here and can also book in for your free session here.