What the Chefs Can Teach Us About Business

I love cooking shows + chefs.  Nothing gives me more pleasure that spending a few hours watching my favourite chefs whip up something spectacular.

And occasionally I love to get in the kitchen whip up my own delicious concoction.  In fact it runs in our family:  my father and step grandmother are both chefs who cook in the family restaurant and my two cousins are both chefs. We love food, cooking and everything in between!

Every birthday, christmas or anniversary, Dean and I also get and give each other some food inspired present – from cookbooks, roasting trays to wood fire pizza stones for the weber.  We are in heaven.

Whilst this all sounds amazing you are probably wondering my I’m sharing this on my blog – which is mainly about social media, online marketing + business in general and I promising I’m getting to that!

The cooking industry is an interesting one – it’s really the one that stands out to me as an industry where competition isn’t seen as a bad thing.  Too often in business we think that we can’t work with, collaborate with or encourage others in our industry as they would be taking business from us.

But just because I’ve purchased Nigella’s books? doesn’t mean that I don’t also have Gordon + Jamie on my shelves.  (see how we are on first name basis)  In fact if you watch Nigella’s show, Nigellissima, she often takes you to her bookshelves which would have at least 1000 cookbooks, but she still has a very successful career in her own right.

I know myself when I was first starting out (and sometimes still today), it’s very easy to get caught up in “what everyone” else is doing – and what they are creating and get that feeling your business is no good.

But then I look at the food industry + all my cookbooks and realise that just because someone purchased Facebook training from someone else doesn’t mean that they won’t join my Academy – I personally have lots and lots of other people’s training. I’m constantly learning so I can provide my customers with the best.

So instead of everyone trying to compete, we need to realise that we are all different and can provide something unique to the world.  I was recently reading in a Facebook Group where someone commented that you might need to hear the same message from multiple people, but one person will really resonate with you, and you will actually hear the message!  This is so true and great for business as we can all have our own tribe of customers who resonate with us.

Just like the quote I shared last week on Facebook from the UnMarketing Book by Scott Stratten – “Being authentic means that you focus on what you bring to the table. That is what separates you from others in your industry.”

So go forth and carve out your own unique part of your industry as someone needs to hear exactly what you have to say.