How to Invite Your Friends to Like Your Facebook Business Page

Often when we start out on Facebook, we seem to accumulate friends faster than fans.  There becomes a point when we want to transfer these Facebook friends into fans.

In the video below I share with you four ways you can invite your Facebook friends to like your business page.

1. List your Page in your education + work section.  This will provide your friends with a direct link to connect with your page.  If you aren’t sure how to do this – watch this video here

2. Invite Your Facebook Friends. Using the Build Audience Tab select “Invite Friends” and select which friends you want to invite to your Facebook Page.  Facebook will automatically send them a notification to connect with your page.

3. Share Your Page. Using the Build Audience Tab select “share page”.  This way you can share your page on your own timeline (personal profile), in a group, or with just one friend.  Make sure you include a message about why they should connect with your page.

4. Share Your Content.  Create a piece of great content which is relevant to both your Facebook friends and fans.  Post it on your business page and then using the ‘share’ button underneath share it on your own timeline.  Include a note about the content.  For best results do this once or twice per month + ensure the content is highly relevant to your Facebook friends.