Facebook Edgerank: How To Get More Fans Seeing Your Updates

Below you will find a series of 7 tips from 7 weeks of the NAI Newsletter on how to increase your Facebook Edgerank Score and get more fans seeing your update.

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Action Tip 1 – Facebook Edgerank

Did you know that a Facebook Engineer stated once that only 1 out of every 500 potential news stories will make it to our news feed?  Only One!  This can be a little scary for business owners who are relying on the power of Facebook to market their business.

Basically with almost a billion people on Facebook, we couldn’t consume all the possible information available to us.  So Facebook introduced Edgerank.  Edgerank is a fancy algorithm which helps Facebook determine what stories they are going to show you and it’s personalised to each and every person!  So over the next few Action Tip editions I’m going to share different tips to getting more of your news into the news feed of your fans.

1. Know Your Target Market
First and foremost when marketing your business you must be able to clearly define who your target market is.  I want you to know their age, sex, income, location, hobbies, interest, lifestyle, fears, inspirations.  Ideally you want to know as much information as possible!

Once you have this ideal client in mind you are able to craft better content, products, services and of course Facebook Updates.  Often Facebook Page owners are boring their fans to death because they are sharing information which isn’t relevant to them.

Who is your market?  Jump over to my Facebook page and share who this person is.  If you aren’t sure, let’s brainstorm together on my Facebook wall.

Action Tip 2 – Facebook Edgerank – Post Relevant Content

This week we are continuing our series on increasing your Facebook Edgerank score which means more of your fans will see your Facebook Updates in the their news feed.

A huge part of making sure that more people see your updates is based on the content you are sharing.  If your content is boring or irrelevant to your fans they won’t interact with it therefore they won’t see it next time you post something.

Luckily for me sharing content has always come easy but I know that many business owners struggle with exactly what to share.  The content you share will vary for each business and is based on your target market.  Remember in last week’s Action Tip we covered Target Market?  Once you have determined your target market you can start to create great content.

There are four types of content you can share on your Facebook Page and they all serve a different purpose but all increase your Edgerank score.  I wrote a blog post on these, which included examples.  So jump over to What the Hell Do I Talk About On Facebook? and learn the four types of content.

Once you have done this leave a comment either on the blog or on my Facebook Page with one idea for content you can share.

Action Tip 3  – Facebook Edgerank – Include Images

Over the last two weeks we have been talking about increasing your Facebook Edgerank score, which means more of your fans will see your updates.  We have discussed knowing your market and sharing relevant content.  This week we are continuing and talking about images.

One of the factors Facebook considers in their Edgerank is weight.  Weight is divided into two different areas; the type of content you share + the interaction a fan has with the content.  The easiest way to think about weight is the time it takes your fan to be involved with your content, whether they are reading/watching it or interacting (liking, commenting, sharing).  The more time it takes, the longer they are on Facebook. For Facebook this means they can show them more ads.

For you and your Facebook Page this means that when you create a text update and include an image, this can not only increase your engagement (more likes, comments + shares), but it increases your Edgerank score. Increasing your Edgerank score mean that more of your fans are going to see it organically.

Whenever possible include an image with your updates and not just any image.  Make your image unique and eye catching.  It must jump off the screen and grab your fans attention.

Have you been using images on your Facebook Page? If you have go on my Facebook Page and share the images which have given you the best results.

Action Tip 4 – Facebook Edgerank – Post Regularly

This week we are continuing our series on Facebook Edgerank.  Understanding Facebook Edgerank is essential to getting results on Facebook.  Remember that only 16% of your fans will organically see your posts unless you actively work on increasing your Edgerank.

One of the best ways to increase your Edgerank is to post regularly.  An element of the Edgerank algorithm is decay or time.  What this means is that people want to see today’s news, not yesterdays.  Therefore posting consistency on Facebook is vital.

How much is enough?  Please don’t freak out on me here. It’s not as bad as it seems, but you need to post at least once per day (working day).  Ideally I would aim for two or three posts per day but at least one will make the difference.

And you must be consistent.  Posting once per day for the next three days and then nothing, isn’t going to work.  Neither is posting 5 times today and nothing for the next week. For consistency, you must post once per day on Facebook.

Facebook has an inbuilt post scheduler so you can plan your posts one day per week and have then automatically go out for you.  Jump over to my Facebook Page and watch this video which shows you how to use the inbuilt post scheduler . Once you have watched it leave me a comment and let me know if you are going to use this handy tool to increase your success on Facebook.

If you are unsure about what type of content to be sharing, join me the Facebook Marketing Workshop Series.  It’s all part of the Ask Natalie Academy and you can get details here

Action Tip 5 – Facebook Edgerank – What’s Facebooks View?

Today is the fifth tip I’ve shared on increasing your Edgerank and getting your posts into more of your fans news feeds.  However I can appreciate it can be a little confusing at times. So this week instead of giving you another tip (because I’ve got plenty more) I wanted you to watch this video provided by Facebook on how your news feed actually works.  It’s only 1 minute and 16 secs.  You will get a visual representation of how the news feed works and why, as a Page owner, you have to work on increasing your visibility in the news feed.

Click here to watch the video.

What did you think? Let me know on my Facebook Page

Action Tip – Facebook Edgerank – Posting at the Right Time

One of the quickest + easiest ways to continually get great engagement + visibility on Facebook is to post great content at the right time.

If you aren’t sure about what consists of great content check out my blog post here

Once you know the content you are going to share you have to make sure you are posting it at the right time, and I’m sorry to say I can’t give you that answer.

Why? Posting at the right time depends on who your market is and what time they are on Facebook.  There are many factors to consider: age, lifestyle, location etc.

Recently I was training a group of medical beauty salon owner on Facebook.  During the day there were many conversations about who their ideal target market was.  One lady said we often post at 5pm and get great engagement.  I should mention that they were all based in Melbourne (mainly inner city).  I said it’s awesome that you have identified that and you can clearly continue to post at that time + continue to get this engagement.

I then went on to explain that as I’m based on the Gold Coast, if we posted at 5pm we would get no engagement.  Upon exploring this further we realised that many of their market are catching public transport in Melbourne and hence are on their phones/ipad, whilst on the Gold Coast, no one catches public transport and we don’t Facebook and drive.  Hence the low engagement levels.

Here are 3 steps to help you determine what time works best for you:

1. Crystal clearly understand your ideal client
2. Post at a variety of different times/days using Facebook Scheduler
3. View your Facebook Insights + test and measure

I know that for many of you your ideal market are women, so here is a tip to get you started.  Facebook is touring the country (Australia), and after one of their events a social media colleague posted that the most likely time for women aged 30 – 45 to be online is 8:45pm – 10:30pm.

I’m in that age group but during that time I’m not on Facebook, however you must test and measure what works for you and your market.  I would love to hear your results and what times you are going to test.  Jump over to my Facebook wall and let me know what action you are going to take.

Action Tip – Facebook Edgerank – Use Attraction Content

I’m going to jump onto Facebook to see what I can buy.  Said No One Ever!

Your customers + clients are on Facebook, but they are there to socialise, not buy your products and services.  They are there to have chats with their friend and family. To look through their ex friends wedding photos and if your story happens to grab their attention they will read it.

But I can tell you they aren’t going out of their way to interact and engage with your content.  For this reason we need to be sharing content and information which is important + relevant to them. Not you!

Facebook is a funny beast which many people don’t understand.  You see, you need to be sharing a certain amount of Attraction Content (about 50%) in order to get engagement + interact with your fans.  When your fans interact with your attraction content they are more likely to see your business + converting content which is when you get results for your business.

Therefore your task this week is to share more attraction content.  If you are posting once per day, then at least 3 of your weekly posts should be attraction content.

Read more about Attraction Content here and once you have jump over to my Faceboook page and share one of your attraction content updates.

You may remember last week I mentioned that whilst everyone is on holidays over the Christmas break they are going to be on Facebook and hence it’s a great time for you to build your business on Facebook!  Join me now in the Ask Natalie Academy for 12 months of training + support.  Our next Facebook Workshop Series starts on the 15th January 2013.