Facebook Edgerank Doesn’t Exist

Weird right? Considering I’ve just spent the last few weeks explaining all about Facebook Edgerank + how you can increase your visibility in the newsfeed of your fans.

Well, let’s start with the bad news… Facebook Edgerank as we all believed it to be doesn’t actually exist.

But the good news is Facebook does have an algorithm – several in fact, which help determine what is most important to you, therefore shows you what you want to see.

There are only five people in the whole world who know what these algorithms are and I’m not one of them!

Last week I was lucky enough to attend a Facebook Marketing Bootcamp and hear directly from Nick Bowditch who is the head of Small Business Marketing at Facebook in Australia

Nick basically said that the term Edgerank was created by the blogging community  and has just gained traction.

So what does this mean for you + increasingly the number of fans who see your updates…

Yes, in September there was a tweak in the news feed algorithms.  After this tweak Facebook found that the number of complaints from users when up (across the board) and the level of engagement when up (across the board).  I think sometimes we get stuck in our own world + so only focus on what we immediately see.

From Facebook “If your page is experiencing less engagement it’s because you are being less engaging”

Personally I’ve been averaging 25 – 30% engagement or “talking about this number”, which is really good.  Many page owners are complaining that it’s going down, however all their fans never saw their posts anyway, it’s now just more noticeable with the insights we have available.

Remember,  no other social network provides the level of insights which Facebook provides.

If you need to increase your engagement try these tips from Facebook

1. If you like every post by a Page that Facebook show, Facebook will show more from that page.

Encourage people to like + comment on your posts – this way they will see more of your updates.

2. If a lot of people on Facebook who are shown a post ignore it or complain, Facebook is less likely to show you that post

Focus on content which your market wants to see – this will stop people from hiding it and reducing the amount of people who will see it.

3. If you always like photos there is a better chance you’ll see a photo posted by a Page.

Facebook will show users the type of content they like to interact with.  So if you like lots of photos (across the board) then you are more likely to see photo Posts by the Pages you like.

4. If a Post receives complaints by others users, or that Page had received a lot of complaints in the past, you’ll be less likely to see that Post

Make sure your focus is on creating valuable content which your fans want to see.  This way you can reduce the chances of complaints.  Complaints include hiding posts in the news feed or reporting them.

Whilst the term Facebook Edgerank doesn’t exist, Facebook do have an algorithm which determines what is seen in the newsfeed and the tips shared in my previous blog post is still hold true.  Read all 7 Facebook Tips Here