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21. Post Challenge Checklist

WooHoo You made it! Congratulations on completing the 30 Day Facebook Challenge.  Your last activity is to record your final results on your Post Challenge Checklist. I would love to see your improvements. Share your numbers on my Facebook wall

To find the figures you need follow these instructions:

1. From the front of your page, below your cover image record your “Talking About This” Number

talking about this number

2. Navigate to your page and click on “Show” to reveal your Admin Panel

Click on Show


3. From your Admin Panel click “see all” from your Insights section

Click On See All


4. Record all the numbers listed on the ‘overview’ screen on your Pre Challenge Checklist

overview of insights


5. Click on “Page” then “Page Visits”

select page visits

5. Scroll down to the bottom and record the top “external referrers”

external referrers

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